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Earlier in March, Rhubarb Farm MD and founder, Jennie Street received an invitation from the Prime Minister to a reception on 29th March in 10, Downing Street, "to celebrate Civil Society in the Midlands".
This was not only an honour that Rhubarb Farm has been recognised for the work we do with people with multiple and complex needs, but an exciting opportunity to see the inside of a very historic and significant house in our country's political culture.


Rhubarb Farm is delighted to announce that NT Killingley Ltd, the award-winning commercial landscape and earthworks contractor based in Chesterfield, has made Rhubarb Farm their voluntary organisation of the year for 2017. The company will support us with landscaping materials over the year, and this will be a great boost for all our different activities. This support came about because Killingley, like Rhubarb Farm, will be having a show garden at The Chatsworth Flower Show from 7-11th June and they wanted to support a local organisation also doing the Show. Thank you Killingley for your support and consideration - we look forward to our partnership over the coming year.


Rhubarb Farm has been awarded a grant of £10,000 by Bassetlaw District Council for our work with people with multiple and complex needs, and to help more people access digital services. This is our first grant from Bassetlaw, and has given us all a big boost! Volunteers and staff turned up in force to have their photo taken to say Thank You, to both Bassetlaw District Council and Bassetlaw Council for Voluntary Service,who administered the grant application. And volunteer Jamie is pictured preparing the Thank You poster!


Rhubarb Farm has been awarded funding from the Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner's Community Safety Fund in recognition of our work with ex-offenders and substance misusers. This money is for the salary of our Training Officer, who organises courses for our volunteers, and encourages people to take training, become more skilled and employable. This is the fourth year that the Police and Crime Commissioner has supported Rhubarb Farm, bu t the really wonderful news is that instead of this being funding for 1 year, as it was in previous years, the Commissioner has awarded us funding for THREE years.  
This is brilliant because it gives us security for the work, and means we don't have to keep spending time writing applications.
We wish to thank the Commissioner, Hardyal Dhindsa, and his team who awarded us this money. It has given the Farm and all our staff and volunteers a big boost.  
Below is a photo of the Commissioner when he visited the Farm in April 2016 with Andy Burnham, the Shadow Home Secretary at the time.
Remember - Rhubarb Farm welcomes ex-offenders and substance misusers as volunteers, and we can help you turn your life around for the better.



This month Bowring Transport delivered 23 tons of road planings to Rhubarb Farm - for FREE. This is a huge boost to our site, and 13 volunteers got down to the hard work of barrowing the planings to the paths that had previously been levelled and lined with landscaping fabric donated by TDP Landscaping Inc. The result has been fantastic, and site looks great now.
A huge thank you to Bowring Transport (Lee especially) and TDP Landscaping Inc. You have helped transform our site and really improved access and ease of movement around the site.

VEGWARE:  Rhubarb Farm's long-term funder.

Rhubarb Farm is very proud to report that Eco-Friendly packaging company, VEGWARE, HQ in Edinburgh, has been supporting Rhubarb Farm for 6 years with a monthly grant, of £50.  Vegware's support of our work amounts to a considerable sum in that time, but also represents a commitment to the community and the work of our enterprise which is a wonderful example of Corporate Social Responsibility.  Vegware are not a massive company but they had the vision to fund a fledgling social business whose environmental and social aims reflected their own.  They have stood by us while we have grown.

We send Vegware a brief monthly report and photos, which go on the Vegware Community Fund pages of their website    Take a look to see what we have written, and to see all the other social projects which Vegware funds.

Vegware's description of the company, from its website:  

Vegware   is the only completely compostable packaging company operating globally. Our award winning catering disposables are low carbon, made from renewable or recycled materials, and all can be recycled along with food waste. In 2009, Vegware started the Vegware Community Fund to support sustainability in its widest sense, including the built and natural environment, and community projects, by offering monthly grants or a regular donation of Vegware's eco packaging.

In 2015, the Vegware Community Fund won the Foodservice Packaging Association's Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

Because of their strong CSR ethic, Rhubarb Farm would like to urge other community organisations, businesses and voluntary groups to consider purchasing their food packaging from Vegware it will come full circle and support the community, environmentally and socially!


Rhubarb Farm was asked by the Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies (Companies House), to write a blog about being a CIC.

We felt this was an honour to be recognised as having something to say.  Our blog was published on 5th July 2016 and can be found on this web link



Why not help Rhubarb Farm save 66,000 litres of water per year?

You can make a donation that counts.

We are very much in need of a water tank and pump in order to harvest water from the polytunnels. This will make a big difference to our mains water use and therefore save us money in the long run, as well as lessening our environmental impact, because 66,000 litres of water comes off the two polytunnels in a year!!!

We have been allocated 40% of the cost of the tank and pump through Nottingham University's Environmental Technology Centre. However, we need to raise another £3,043 in order to pay for the tank and pump.

Can you help us raise this? Make a donation.


For 6 years Rhubarb Farm has been receiving a monthly grant of £50 from an environmental packaging company in Edinburgh called VEGWARE.  For this grant, we write a brief monthly update of our activities, which are published on the VEGWARE website.  This remarkable company not only supports Rhubarb Farm but several other community enterprises around the country and abroad, and we value their support enormously.  To see our monthly updates, go to

As a taster, this was the April update:-

April sees the stepping up of growing and sowing activities, and more new volunteers coming to the Farm. The weather was still cold and wet this month, but we heat one of our polytunnels so seedlings can come on.

Our big event was the visit of the Shadow Home Secretary, Andy Burnham, to the Farm, to learn about our work with ex-offenders.

Women staff and volunteers took a course on awareness of domestic violence and staff and volunteers also did a course called "Money So What" about financial budgeting and management.

Every week a group called Knit and Natter meets to develop their sewing and knitting skills. It's a wonderful group with participants' ages ranging from 20s to 80s.

Operation Soup took off on 27th April. 6 weekly soup-making sessions culminating in a soup competition on 1st June will help people make delicious and economical soup.


Mansfield 103.2 broadcast a special programme about Rhubarb Farm on Tuesday 12th April. Thank you Tony Delahunty, MD of

Mansfield 103.2 for a great programme - we appreciate it!

Listen to the programme on:


On Thursday 7th April Andy Burnham, at the invitation of the Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner, visited Rhubarb Farm to learn about our work with ex-offenders and drug and alcohol misusers. He met volunteers and staff and supporters of the Farm, and learnt about their stories and how the Farm has helped them.

The Police and Crime Commissioner has funded Rhubarb Farm with three different grants to support our work, and we were very pleased to have the opportunity to demonstrate what we have achieved in helping people back into society, and into employment.

As a small social enterprise, we may not have large numbers, but we make a big impact on the lives of the people we help both in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

Andy Burnham, Jennie Street and Hardyal Dhindsa. Because of the rain Andy is wearing a fetching jacket from Shirebrook Academy, though the rain stopped soon after he arrived.

Volunteer Marcus said some interesting things about politicians which Andy Burnham and Hardyal Dhindsa enjoyed.

Andy Burnham meets staff member, Michael Ellis, Gardener, in one of the polytunnels

Anita Ollerenshaw, Admin and Marketing Officer, talking with L-R: Jennie Street, Hardyal Dhindsa, Alan Charles and Andy Burnham.

After seeing the top of the site, Andy Burnham walks back with Kath Sharpe, Rhubarb Farm Ambassador David Fish, and Thomas Campion of the Welbeck Estate.

Andy Burnham by the willow arch