Special features


The Rhubarb Farm junk sculpture.  Part of Rhubarb Farm was an allotment site in years gone by and in working the land we have found lots of old things from those days.  In 2011, volunteers and staff, assisted by Phil Neal, sculptor and woodwork artist, resident of Langwith and wonderful Rhubarb Farm supporter, worked together.

The first outdoor pizza oven in the area!  Volunteers have puddled clay dug from the site and built the dome for the oven. A pizza will cook in 5 minutes in the oven.

Another Rhubarb Farm Corporate day.   On 28th September 2011, Rhubarb Farm hosted another corporate volunteering day for DWP.  11 Job Centre workers spent a day working with volunteers and staff in bright sunshine and painted the cafe cabin, planted garlic and daffodil bulbs, dug large quantities of potatoes and constructed a path to the cafe.