Low cost web development and hosting

Developing and hosting a website is one of the main setup costs faced by social enterprises and voluntary organisations. As a social enterprise ourselves, we appreciate only too well how important it is to minimise these costs. That is why we are offering social enterprises and voluntary organisations a highly cost effective web development and hosting service. We guarantee that our price, even for e-commerce enabled sites, will never exceed 3 figures - including site hosting.

As well as creating our own Rhubarb Farm website, which has been visited by well over 3500 people since going live in June 2010, we have developed websites for other social enterprises.

Our experience

John Beazer is an experienced web developer who has been in the forefront of developing easy to use computer systems for the general public for 30 years. John worked for many years as an occupational psychologist, specialising in designing computer systems that met users' needs - and brings all this experience to his website developments.

Most recently, John has been running his own successful small consultancy company. He therefore understands all the challenges of running a small business.

If money is tight (when is it not?), and the development of an effective website is on your 'to do' list, then email him at john@rhubarbfarm.co.uk to find out how Rhubarb Farm can help you.