Rhubarb Farm is an horticultural social enterprise:-

* creating a service and product-based company of value to the
     local community

* helping people realise their potential and gain confidence,
     through work, placements and volunteering

* improving health through exercise and healthier eating

* promoting the cause of environmentalism and sustainability.

*developing a viable enterprise

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Our Business Model


RHUBARB FARM is the largest producer of organic fruit and vegetables within the area.

Our placements, training courses, cafe and other offerings build on the experience of our Managing Director, Jennie Street, in running a similar service - where quality attracts a wide range of people to take advantage of our provision.

A placement at RHUBARB FARM means more than just coming to work - it generates social capital and attracts a wide base of customers.


RHUBARB FARM is small and local in nature - flexible to meet customers' demands. We are not only concerned with maximising income, but also with creating a social and working environment that suits the people  who come to the Farm as users to volunteer.


RHUBARB FARM is a local aagriculture-based social enterprise serving the locality. Its basic priciple is to improve the quality of lives of people in and around north Nottinghamshire and north Derbyshire (Bassetlaw, Mansfield Bolsover and North East Derbyshire district councils, and Chesterfield Borough Council).

We grow 130 varieties of fruit and vegetables selling to local Farm shops and veg bag customers, as well as fresh flowers for farm shops.

None of our produce travels far - low food miles and really fresh produce.